Is Athletic Greens The Best Superfood Cocktail For Athletes?

We have been hearing all sorts of variant opinions and comments from diet supplements enthusiasts regarding Athletic Greens. The hype about this product is already brewing a heated debate with many online platforms dropping in differing and confusing verdicts about it. Well, we were interested in all this hype and that is why after a careful and thorough fact-finding mission about the product, we came up with this post which features an exclusive review on Athletic Greens.

What Is Athletic Greens And Its Ingredients?

athletic greens benefitAccording to information released by the manufacturer through their website, The product is a green nutritional supplement-laden with probiotics and enzymes that enable you to get up to 12 servings of fruits in one serving of the supplement. The supplement’s is carefully created formula to give the body essential nutrient, energy levels, and immune system with a single dose.

The manufacturer claims that the supplement solves people’s health problems through a combination of superfood cocktail ingredients. 75 different food ingredients make up this product making it the most nutrient-rich supplements among its peers.

The ingredients are grouped into four main categories;

Extremely nutrient-rich Superfoods. It consists of superfoods that are rarely found in other supplements making Atheltic Green stand out from the rest. They include papaya, berry and beet. These ingredients both play a major role in reducing the lifestyle-related ailments. Papaya and beet help in boosting overall digestive system.

Nutrient rich natural oxidants and Herbs. They are extracted from high-quality raw foods providing antioxidant, herbs and phytonutrients in the supplement. One serving contains ten servings of natural oxidants and herbs.

Naturally Occurring Digestive Enzymes. The enzymes are carefully formulated from natural sources thereby helping the body absorb nutrients effectively.

Minerals. Athletic Greens superfood is also a mineral laden product with a variety of minerals essential for body functions such as biochemical reactions, nerve and muscle function, blood sugar regulation and maintaining healthy hormone levels. The main minerals found in the supplement include, zinc, magnesium, chromium, vanadium and selenium.

How Will I Benefit With Athletic Greens?

• Preparing the supplement is easy. It comes in an easy-to-mix powder with a natural sweet taste. 

• A single serving delivers a high amount of nutrients to the body comparing to having a normal fruit diet.

• The superfoods are 100 percent organic.

• The supplement does not have gluten in it. It is also not genetically modified.

• This supplement boosts overall immune system.

Athletic Greens Quality And Taste

Talking of quality, Athletic Green so far is scoring highly based on our research. We peeped through various online consumer forums regarding the product and most of them have positive reviews about the supplement. It has high-quality elements that work together to give the body required nutrient with a fast turnaround of results.

The supplement has an amazing pleasant taste too good for a leafy green product made from algae, vegetables, grasses and other funny stuff.

Most people have not reported any side effects when using this product. However, like most green diet supplements, an initial interaction may result in mild bowel movements. Otherwise, most common side effect you will get is you will start feeling amazing.

You can buy the supplement online at A 30- day dose costs $97. The product is also available in several online retail outlets across US. Even though it is more expensive that its peers, it is well worth the price due to its high quality.