Regain Your Skater Body Figure With Abs After 40

Abs after 40 is a workout program started by Mark Mcilyar that involves a 90-day fitness training undertaking a 3 phase system. It is intended to assist men who are over the age of forty and do not pay much attention to their personal fitness thus causing noticeable form of a weak body, aging, lack of confidence and energy as well as wrinkles. It is also the right way of helping them achieve a perfect defined abdominal muscle through enhancing their energy levels as well as testosterone.

The Fitness Benefits Offered By Abs After 40 Workout

abs after 40 reviewAccording to Mark, as one gets older it is harder to make exercise a priority. Years tick by and one gets in terrible shape. He also explains that someone in their 40s and beyond can hurt themselves if they are not careful. That is because their bodies are different at that point and more delicate. It is also harder for older men to begin new diet habits because their wives do all the cooking for them and it gets hard for them to change habits without general supervision hence very difficult to get into the tip-top shape.

The abs after 40 workout program comprises three phases namely the fat loss jump-start, the full-auto fat burning mode and the male hormone optimization. These three phases work by steps to initiate the body through the process of burning fat properly. This in turn triggers a large release of energy and testosterone that allows one to complete their workouts and obey the 90 day course instructed. It is done at 20 to 35 minutes maximum on daily basis. Mark has customized some gym moves like squats and dead lifts for older men so that there is no danger while performing them.

Abs After 40 Workout Plan And Diet

There is also a listing of what participants should expect in the abs after 40 plans involving nutrition: these ranges from week one of the programs to week twelve that is the last week. It talks about good food choices that are nutritional that would help before end of the 90 days. Again, the program involves exercising the body including the arms, thigh, hips and belly of which each movement helps in draining out unnecessary fat and firming the muscles to get a tighter and well-toned body shape.

Abs after 40 is a one of a kind type of fitness training program that aims men over 40 who lack body fitness and helps them fix it. It has the control to grant an older man the gracious body of a much younger man around the age of 25 but by abiding by the general rules of Mark's program well. It is intended to improve energy, give a well-toned body, offer hormonal balance, and losing of weight fast, and enhanced power and a general enhancement in the health. This program offers rejuvenation of hormones exercise plan that provides 100% compound movements with easy weight drop and provides for hormonal balance through a strict nutritional balanced diet.

The only worry about this program is that it involves squats and dead lifts that apparently are tough movements that are risky for older men.